Written by FardaE

May 26, 2018

Farda is a national, enlightening magazine relying on the whole Afghan nation and a magazine looking towards future.

Farda is not related or bound to any political movement and has got its own independent policy of defending democracy and promoting basic freedoms of the people.

Farda is a stanch defender of national and humanitarian cultures and rejects any kind of narrow-mindedness based on tribalism, sectarianism or certain beliefs.

Farda believes that the only solution on the ongoing conflict of Afghanistan is the free will of the Afghan people.

Farda is a devoted partisan of social justice and equal opportunities for people of all social walks and it is out of this policy that looks at the common problem of our country.

Farda is a critical, social and cultural magazine committed to democratic ideals and is published bimonthly by the Afghans’ Pen Club in Stockholm.

Farda was first published in summer 1997.


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